Each year I host a TEDxEaling conference, exploring ‘STORY’.

You can watch the videos from past TEDxEaling events above, or head over to the official site for more information.

Chris Jones
TEDxEaling Founder

Feedback from TEDxEaling

‘inspiring, unpretentious and well organised’
Albert Pijuan, Development Cooperation Consultant 

‘Seeing the videos again is bringing it all back. I can’t wait for the next TEDxEaling!
Sasha Wallace, Author

‘An eclectic day providing an excess of food for thought! I learned that fear is a state of mind, there’s a book in a scrap of paper, find strength in admitting weakness, characterisation into character is like Uniform to medals, Battle Rapping and Freestyling is percussive poetry…’
Matt Davis, Director/Editor

‘Discovering rap as a form of story telling was amazing and hugely unexpected’
Irene, Art Director

The stage looked great, really good buzz
Amy, Project director of a Christian charity

‘Fascinating and even intriguing’
Casandra, Writer, teacher, filmmaker

‘A freestlying, freerunning, magically seductive TEDx event with heroic speakers that have overcome their fears to tell their story. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.’
Giles Brown, Surveyor

‘TEDxEaling was a wonderfully engaging day. A varied line-up of speakers made me think, laugh reflect and made me leave at the end of the day with the determination to change the world in my own small way’
Rob Worth, Management Consultant

‘Really friendly staff, good coffee and cakes and of course, the most important thing, some fantastic speakers – all round inspired’
Robbie Derrick, Sound Recordist

‘Linda Potgeiter was incredibly inspiring and ended the day on a great high’
Michael Lebor, Filmmaker

‘A brilliant eclectic group of talented people come together to talk about story in all it’s different manifestations, from documentary to visuals and British urbanism to Asian philosophy’
Sophie Burgess, Student writer

‘an intense and inspiring event full of thought-provoking speeches
Kate, third sector worker and non-professional writer

‘I attended TEDxEaling hoping to be inspired in some unexpected tangential way. It delivered in a far greater way than I hoped it would, with most of the speakers introducing at least one thought provoking idea. These ideas have been living, growing and combining in my head ever since, and I’m sure they will continue to do so for a long time to come’
Ben Jacobson, Filmmaker

‘A wildly varied hoot of a day’
Tom Sears, Writer, illustrator, exhibition producer

‘Fantastic, inspiring and empowering’
Richard Leverton, Editor

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