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Follow live updates from the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass this weekend with #GFilm

I encourage all delegates at the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass to share via Twitter and use the hashtag #GFilm, to share insights that resonate with them. So follow #GFilm if you want to experience highlights over the two days coming. There are still places, so if you want to come, head over here and sign […]

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How to spot people who buy fake Twitter followers… and why IF you do buy fake followers, people might not do business with you

Don’t buy Twitter followers to boost your numbers… It’s easy to spot fake followers. And when you have paid for followers, it sends out a message that your are desperate, inauthentic and that you really don’t get the point of social media. Why would anyone buy followers? Vanity? To make themselves look bigger and more […]

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Get daily filmmaking tips and inspiration via Twitter

Every day I am posting around five filmmaking links via Twitter, drawn form the last eight years and over 1,500 entries on my blog. Links that will save you money, show you time saving shorts cuts, inspire you to keep going and hopefully help you grow and succeed as both an artists AND entrepreneur. To […]

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Get a ton of filmmaking tips, tricks and articles every day

For eight years now I have been writing articles on my blog to help filmmakers. Some great pieces are buried on there, months and years in the back history of the articles. And so I have begun pulling them out and tweeting them every day. So if you want to get them daily, just follow […]

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Well that happened…! Blood, guts and glory at Guerilla Film Masterclass

I promised I would leave EVERYTHING on the stage this weekend at the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass… blood, buts, glory, passion, fear, failure, success… And if the Tweets I am seeing today are anything to go by, I just about managed it. I can tell you, my body certainly feels like I did – it’s shattered […]

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What is your Tweet Reach? get stats on your hashtag

Apparently, our TweetReach with the #LondonSWF tag was over two million impressions. Holy hot tweets batman! What the blazes does that actually mean? At the festival, I ran a short social media workshop for people who were reluctant to engage with new social media sites and tools. At the end, screenwriter Daniel Martin Eckhart (@dmeckhart) […]

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Live Feedback From The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass With #GFilm Hashtag

I just trawled Twitter for some of the public feedback for The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass with the official #Gfilm hashtag. Here’s what delegates tweeted. NOTE – We did film some parts and will be making them available. If you want to see these clips, join our newsgroup to the right —-> It’s entirely possible […]

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