One day to go…

Billpaterson3So. The final day before the shoot. And so far, bedlam. Without doubt this is the most hectic day of any shoot, and it’s frantic.

We managed to get our leading man, against all odds – Bill Patterson. I am over the moon as Bill is a warm and charismatic presence who is ideal for Old Bi ll. At first Bill could not do it, due to scheduling problems, and so he, under his own steam, approached a number of other name d actors to see if they could help. Sadly they could not. But what a gent! Then, after a schedule rejig, we realised we could actually accommodate Bill and he came on board. So that’s awesome news.

It’s now 16:53, and all the phone lines are going crazy. We have just over an hour before everyone goes home for the weekend, and just over 16 hours before we start to shoot.

Time is ticking, nerves are getting frayed, but I sense the roller coaster has been built and we are being hauled up to a dizzying height…

Here goes…

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author 

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