Premiere Tickets Off To The Printers!

Prem I have just sent off the premiere invites to the printers, and hope to get them back before Xmas. We have all sorts of stuff planned for the evening, and I just hope we have the time and energy to get it all done! It’s staggering how much is involved.

All the technical completion elements are also falling into place now, with the picture grade scheduled for Thursday and Friday at Midnight Transfer – I am just waiting for final confirmation. Some of the ‘Gone Fishing’ contributors will be sitting in on this grade, as well as crew, including DOP Vernon Layton and VFX whiz Russ Wharton. This means we will see Russ’ work up in the big screen at last. I will be getting the final matte painting for one of the wide establishing shots today, and immediately sending up to Russ via YouSendIt! in the hope that he can composite it into the shot by Thursday and bring it with him to the grade. That would mean all the visual effects will be complete by then and can be dropped in place – perhaps we can actually complete ALL the picture elements before Christmas. Splendid!

I also need to complete the final credits and make a huge Photoshop file for animating in After Effects. It never ends!

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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