Worm Shot Completed by Russ Wharton

Vfx Russ Wharton, VFX whizz in Wales, has just completed three shots for Gone Fishing.

Two were kind of image fixes, removing small cosmetic problems from the shot, but the third was a full blow VFX shot with a worm enlargement. In the story, Old Bill recounts the tale of how he needed the biggest worms to catch the biggest pike. When we shot it, the scene was fine. But in post, we realised we could increase the worm size and make it a funnier gag. If you have been following the blog, you will know we have been following how this shot has passed through film scanning to DPX, import into After Effects and so on. And I am delighted to now ‘premiere’ a quicktime of the completed shot. You can click on it here…

This is of course a low res version and not in the correct aspect ratio, but blimey Russ, job WELL DONE! So good is Russ’ work, I have now sent him three more shots. I will report on his ongoing progress as we get to each shot.

If you are as impressed with this shot as much as I am, drop Russ an email and say… Well done! His email is russ.wharton@btopenworld.com

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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