Why I choose to be an outstanding father.


Today the greatest adventure yet for my life begins.

And the first great adventure for my son, Jack Lightspeed Jones, also begins.

I am happy to report that after Lucia went into labour in the early hours of today, he was born at 7:30am this morning and is doing well, as is Lucia who has herself endured and extraordinary journey to this day over the last year (story here).

The life that lies ahead for JJ will be a privilege to guide and share.

And what dreams lie ahead for him?

Perhaps human beings on Mars, the 22nd century even, and technology beyond imagination… And of course the challenges we all need to face also.

What kind of boy, what kind of man will make the most of these extraordinary times that he will be living into?

My dreams for JJ is that he grows into an outstanding human being that lives by principles and not rules.

Someone who knows what true value is, and not just the cost of things and people.

Someone who loves to create and not destroy, either though word or action.

Someone who knows that courage is acting in the face of fear and the greater that fear, the more the courage will need to rise from within.

Someone who knows when mistakes are made and life kicks his ass, it’s an opportunity to learn something new.

Someone who loves passionately, even when there is great risk of heartbreak.

Someone who doesn’t just wish for things to be a certain way, but someone who stands for DREAMS worth making real. And then acts on those dreams. And makes them real. No matter how big or small.

Someone who leads even when it’s the last thing they want to do. And someone who knows that leadership is a privilege and not a status.

Above all, someone who can find adventure in everyday life, in a smile or a thank you. For me, true greatness is not measured by single ‘great’ acts, but by lives lived ‘making a difference and contributing’ to others. This makes people extraordinary human beings and is the source of happiness.

For these reasons, and more, I commit to being an outstanding father, standing beside Lucia who has already proven herself an outstanding mother. I am humbled by her courage over the last seven months. Total goddamn rockstar mother.

And this is why we choose an outstanding name for our son.

Jack Lightspeed Jones. Welcome to planet earth and the greatest adventure you will EVER play. YOUR LIFE!

Let’s make it extraordinary.

Love your father x

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  1. Jason Clancy April 24, 2015 at 6:28 pm #

    Congratulations Chris you will make an amazing Father.

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