Listen to EVERY Bedtime Story Read By Santa from our Big Book Of Adventure Stories

In the run up to Christmas, we ran a children’s book challenge to write one of twenty five short stories that we would then publish in a book, and also ask Santa to read! One for every night in December.

We have uploaded then all now to watch here.

Huge thanks to all the writers, Michael van Koetsveld (who played Santa) and Savannah Morgan, who held EVERYTHING together while donning super large Elf ears!

What a HUGE and extraordinary success this has been, and you can get a copy of the book of Amazon HERE.

Join Santa on a magical, imaginative Christmas adventure and discover the world’s smallest giant, a planet of colourless aliens, snowed in tooth fairies, a lonely superhero, witches in search of yuletide spirit, a back-to-front girl, lots and lots of naughty animals, and a self important sock in need of a lesson! Inventive Christmas tales with timeless messages from twenty five new and eclectic writers. Unleash the imagination!


Onwards and upwards!

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