How do you feel about text or images created by AI?

A painting of a woman with a robot head.

How do you feel about text or images created by AI?

I can certainly spot AI images created in MidJourney now (or maybe I should say I think I can).

And non human created text admittedly gives me a little ick. Followed by a strong disincentive to not to read it. If it’s been human edited and re-written, that ick kind of goes away. Then of course there is the question ‘Can I even tell’? Can you even tell if this was written by ChatGTP and edited? (it wasn’t)

At first I thought this ‘ick’ was an ideological reaction. Even with MidJourney, the images often seem a little emptier somehow. But again is that ideology? Or maybe even a prejudice?

Like, if it’s not human created, it is somehow ‘less’ than.

But the more I consider this, the more I recognize this is not ideological, it’s generational.

My boy who is 8, he’s not going to have any of these reactions.

He just wont care. It will be his reality.

His world will likely be filled with AI generated EVERYTHING.

The idea of ‘human created’ may feel a bit like how people advocate for vinyl now. Yeah, maybe it does sound better. It probably does.

But it doesn’t when I am on a packed tube heading into London.

So it’s not ‘fit for purpose’ in 2023 mainstream life (for those of us who don’t have a ‘sound room’).

A blue box with a yellow button on it.Just before writing this post, I saw an add on Facebook for a metal, nicely designed and nostalgic Walkman style cassette recorder from ‘We Are Rewind’.

I mean, aside from the aesthetics and nostalgia and what that may say about a person who carries one, there is no reason for this to exist. If you want a totally crap audio format, then cassette tape is it. For me it was killed with CD and I thought it would never return.

It now exists solely for a niche and nostalgic market.

So yes, novels, paintings, scripts that are human created… all will surely find a home in our future. But I suspect it will be much like this cassette player. Aesthetic and nostalgic. Valued highly by those who value it. For the vast majority, AI generated will be, again , be ‘fit for purpose’.

So the question is this. Are you going to be part of the next evolution, or remain steadfast with ‘superior’ vinyl and cool cassette players? No right or wrong in the choice as we all stand at this crossroads. Just one choice will lead one way, the other a different direction.

One thing I do know is that my boy is very unlikely to see any benefit in a walkman style cassette player.

Another thing I know, I wrote this post because I personally wanted to write it and not just create some ‘content’. And there is the really the point isn’t it? Are you making stuff because you want to, or are you adding to the noise with ‘content’?

I guess the REAL question is this. Can AI help me create my art better? I think the answer is yes, and I personally find that exciting.

(main image here is what MidJourney created with the prompt /imagine AI technology nostagia from the 1970’s in style of painting –ar 16:9

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