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Out of the blue, I got a call from the publishers of The Movie Blueprint – they are shifting printers and have lost the digital files for the cover. So I seized the opportunity to redesign the cover, adding some of the quotes we got from reviews. I also thought, ‘I wonder if anyone has anything nice to say about the book’ and posted a request on our mailing list.

OH MY GOD! I was OVERWHELEMD with the response. So many nice things said by so many nice people! Really, it was an extraordinary afternoon where every email brought a smile to my face… so here are just a few of the hundreds of amazing responses I got…

‘There are filmmaking guides, and then there’s the Movie Blueprint. I can’t think of a better companion to guide you through the filmmaking process. Brilliantly accessibly, engaging and packed to bursting with first-rate expert advice, worked examples, flowcharts and case studies; it’s both a film school, and a ‘cookbook’ from a masterchef. Essential reading…’ – Nic Wistreich – The Film Funding Guide

“The level of detailed knowledge in this book is simply incredible. It eased me through scriptwriting, guided me through pre-production, kept my sanity while shooting, cajoled me through editing and yelled at me through marketing! Every problem, every joy and every decision I encountered making my film was foreseen in it’s pages. As a direct result, my debut feature got made, shown at the cinema and is now selling around the world.”
Allin Kempthorne – Producer / Director, ‘The Vampires of Bloody Island’

‘Every time I bought this book someone stole it. It’s that good.’ – Nicola Fletcher, Producer.

‘Buy this book… it’s f***ing brilliant!’ – Andy Sutton, Filmmaker

‘The GFMB is the only tool that an indie filmmaker absolutely must own. I couldn’t have made my feature without it, and if I’d followed all the advice I’d have made a better film.’ – John Rackham, writer, actor, filmmaker, director of indie psycho-thriller ‘Bloodmyth’

‘The Movie Blueprint Book was my second investment in the movie business — after my camera.  I tend to zone if confronted with too many obscure details or movie references, but this is the perfect mix of fun, technical details and everything you need to know to make your own movie.  It leaves in the challenges of making movies, but encourages us to believe that we can create the world we see in our heads.  And so I did. Thank you, Movie Blueprint Book.’ – Michelle Denise Norton – President, Lonely Pond Productions, Inc. Writer & Director LONELY POND MONSTER (looking for love) & Up On A Rooftop.

Thank you, everyone who wrote in – I will get back to you all in due course!

You can read a large portion of the comments here

Onward and upward!

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