Production hots up…

Light Production is really kicking in now. Daily, hourly, even minute by minute, new crises arise as others are fixed. Often, it can get SO hard that you really ask, what on earth am I doing? And then you remember, ‘Oh yes, most people have real jobs!’

As I haven’t made a film for some time, having concentrated on writing books, so there is a lot riding on ‘Gone Fishing’… Or so it seems. In reality, I am feeling a great deal of self imposed pressure. I had better deliver the goods, after all I have spent years preaching just how to do it on my courses and in my books. I can tell you, I feel that pressure daily. But then I remind myself. This is just a film, and it’s one of many I will make. And the end result is never as important as the journey that leads you there, of the lessons you learn en route, of the wounds you pick up, the memories that will bring a smile later…

Life is so transitory. And yet making a movie, its very nature – the fusion of the ethereal idea made real by actors and sets, captured on film and sound, then made permanent through exhibition, be that on TV, DVD or cinema in a way that can live beyond the life of the creator of that experience – it can kind of make us a little crazy. Like ‘this movie will last forever’. I guess a little like the way Kings aeons ago would erect temples in their own image – maybe in our darker moments, making movies can be part of that whole negative ego and over inflated self worth.

For me, it’s ultimately about taking a group of people on a journey and watching them as they go – I love to watch their faces in the flicker light of the theatre, listen to their gasps, laughs and tears. This is truly a magical business, where we manufacture dreams into tangible and sharable experience.

Blimey. I must stop writing my blog late at night!

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author 

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