Second Edit refines Gone Fishing further

Boards Last night I worked with Eddie Hamilton and we did the second cut of the film. This was to generally tidy, trim and make neat and perfect all the cuts in the movie. Also to add storyboarded shots that we will be filming next week in a pickup shoot day, and finally to tackle the story problems we isolated in the fist test screening last week.

First off I was blown away again, by just how much difference a tweak can make. 12 frames here, 16 frames there, boy does it make a HUGE difference.

Partly this is because the edit is now flowing to a rhythm, and each and every shot cuts, or has a camera move, comfortably landing on that silent beat. In the fist cut, it was nearly there, but it was like a car that needed tuning up. Now it’s finely tuned.

There were only a few storyboard shots to insert, and that helped with the narrative. The big difference is reshaping the ending, and I am delighted to report that we managed to do it. And it’s enormously better. We also tweaked performances by dropping dialogue takes over alternative picture takes and started track laying in the new music from Audio Network (which is really excellent and good value).

Now we plan to do another test screening in the next few days. On my courses I stress how important it is to edit, test, re-shoot, edit, test, re-shoot… and I know when people on the Gone Fishing course see the edits and watch the organic growth of the story, they will really understand how in the cutting room you can take something that is very good, and make it world class.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author 

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