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Premiere_2 I have just mailed out to the Seminar and Premiere guests for Gone Fishing… We still have some places left so if you want to come, click here… You can read more about this course here too…

Welcome to the Gone Fishing Premiere and Seminar, January 12th, 2007 at BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly (map and directions here). It is a few minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus tube.

The seminar will begin at 9am sharp, so if you want coffee before hand, please get here early. We do not plan to serve tea and coffee throughout the day but there are lots of coffee shops right on BAFTA’s doorstep.

There will be a break mid morning, and one mid afternoon, with a short break for lunch. The seminar will conclude around 5.30 and the Premiere will kick off at 7.00 – so please think about how you will get changed and grab some food before the premier. As glamorous as it is, some of us will resort to getting changed in the bathrooms of BAFTA (myself included). Ah the film business. The Premiere will conclude at 11pm. During the event there will be a cash bar.

Dress code for the seminar is casual, and for the premiere it is posh frocks and black tie (though that is not mandatory, so if you don’t want to get dressed up, that’s OK too.) just a hint, if you are a film maker, this is a chance to get your photo ‘looking like a director at a premiere…’ which can be used in PR. It’s an opportunity.

Tickets for the premiere will be collected on the day and names will be on the door for all guests, so please don’t expect any tickets to arrive ion the post.

Now for the seminar…

I have crafted a really unique seminar that will take you fully on the creative and financial journey while making this film.

My goal is to have you feel like you were directly involved in the making of the film, so that you can experience the triumphs and failures in such a way that you will own rather than observe ‘the experience’. Almost like you made the film but didn’t have to go through the hell of actually making it.

That experience will then be yours that you can draw upon when you come to your next project.

And the journey begins now…

Attached to this email is a PDF script for the first draft of Gone Fishing. I would like to you print it out and read it, as though you were the producer or the director, and make some notes about what you feel. Keep the notes short and bullet pointed and please remember to bring it along on the day. If you are up for it, think about budgeting and scheduling as an exercise now – go ahead and draw one up if you feel like it – it is something that can be compared with our experiences later. You will get more out of this course, if you put more in right now. And remember, this is just stage one of an organic process, so whatever budget or schedule you draw up, (will just like the movie) evolve and change…


There are just people who TAKE ACTION AND THOSE WHO DO NOT…

I look forward to an excellent day and truly amazing evening!

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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