Tomorrow night, in Los Angeles… Gone Fishing meets an EVEN BIGGER FISH…!

Tomorrow night, in LA, ‘Gone Fishing’ is playing to a sold out screening as a support for the World Premiere of a great new doc called ‘The Shark Is Still Working’ – a look back at the enduring success of ‘Jaws’, the trailer is above. It’s a brilliantly made documentary too, crafted by people who loved the film, and who really wanted to make a doc that spoke to the fans, using old and new interviews, photos and archive footage never seen before. To say we are really lucky to be a support for this film is a massive understatement, it’s almost the prefect marriage in heaven for us.

Of course I am gutted I can’t be there (I am at Lucia's sisters wedding, and as many of my film makers said, 'can't they move the wedding?' 😉 ) as several original Jaws people will be there, including writer Carl Gottlieb, whose book on the making of Jaws was a terrific read for any film lover. The premiere has been so eagerly awaited that it sold out immediately, so they put on a second screening, and then that sold out too! So now there is a third screening, which doubtless will have sold out by now!

They guys who made the film have an official website here…

This screening is part of the United Film Festival which is a six city festival, which pretty much amounts to a North American Theatrical Release for ‘Gone Fishing’, as we are now going to play, as a support to ‘The Shark Is Still Working’ in LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Tulsa, New York and finally…. YES LONDON! So we can all go and see both films in a theatre in out home town! That’s in November and I will be reminding you then (I also think they will show Jaws on the big screen too, so that’s an unmissable triple bill, ‘Gone Fishing’ sandwiched between two behemoths!

I can’t wait to hear how the film plays. WOW! I wonder if Mr Spielberg might slip in at the back?

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. Marty Barrett May 4, 2009 at 2:18 am #

    Mr. Jones,

    I was so happy to have the privilege of seeing “Gone Fishing” this morning prior to the third sold-out showing of “The Shark Is Still Working” in Hollywood.

    I wasn’t aware of the movie before and, by the end, I was not the only fully grown man in my row glad that the darkened theatre hid our pitiful choked sobs.

    I haven’t seen a movie since “Hope And Glory” that combined poignance and whimsy so well, and I hope many more people get to see your film.

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