‘I give it ten stars out of five’… Feedback from the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass 2014


IMG_7480I would like to say that the dust is settling on the 2014 Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass, but if you were there, you will know there is no chance of that!

The weekend was tough, inspirational and choc full of possibilities. And we ALL made a commitment at the end, and those commitments are now being acted upon… including my own!

So expect some extraordinary results BEFORE the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass 2015, now set for July 2015… (HERE)

IMG_7273‘Thank you so much for kickstarting my passion for filmmaking again’
Nicola Hague, 10 Stars!!!

I loved everything, it was so positive and rewarding while also brutally honest’
Dianne Thomas, Filmmaker

‘I came here starry eyed; now I have the blue print for the rocket!’
Nicholas Vince, Actor, Screenwriter & Director

IMG_7545‘I really enjoyed the networking and meeting other filmmakers’
Karen Cripps, Filmmaker

‘It increased my knowledge ten fold – informative, honest and interesting, covering pretty much every aspect of the business’
Courtney Radcliffe, Production Assistant and Screenwriter

IMG_7459‘The five stage career plan is golden!’
Phil Sanders, Filmmaker

‘This workshop is for people who are ready to look at themselves, their fears and their dreams – it’s to turn procrastinators into do-ers’
Romain Kedochim, Director of Photography

IMG_7398‘The knowledge and insight Chris has is invaluable to an independent filmmaker looking to further their career’
Mark Kelly, Filmmaker

‘This is the first time I’ve been shown how the industry works for low budget filmmakers in detail, and helped me identify where I am and where I’m going’
Jon Price, Writer & filmmaker

IMG_7338‘If you have always dreamed of putting your magnum opus on the big screen, the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass offers us little guys the knowledge and mind set to do it!’
James Evans, Independent Filmmaker

‘I have thrown away every excuse holding me back thanks to Chris and while I’m more aware of the issues, I feel 100% ready to go!’
Amy Kingsley-Hughes, Actor

IMG_7415‘I got in touch with my inner creative child again’
Maria Eckhardt, Filmmaker

‘The masterclass has given me a rounded insight of independent filmmaking.  I now understand where I should focus and what personal talents/skills I can use to push my career forward’
Danielle Baileigh, Writer & Visual Artist

IMG_7389‘I now have the confidence to move on from my internal monologue and actually get on and start doing a project’
Sarah C Richards, Filmmaker

‘Very good atmosphere, location and content as well as a good motivation boost.  I recommend this workshop to anyone!’
Mederick Padaud, Filmmaker

‘Keep a positive attitude, don’t let ‘your story’ hold you back and remember, “No” doesn’t mean “never” ‘.
Reaghan Reilly, Actor & Producer

‘I learnt a hell of a lot and it’s given me the inspiration to stop postponing and get out there and do it’
Eddie Sebastian, Screenwriter

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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