Help Me Save Lives in Far East Prisons

One extraordinary man fights for lives, reform and justice in the most forgotten jails in the world and I want to help. Will you help too? LINK HERE

This is the cause we have chosen got Talent Campus 5.0 and it’s very personal to one specific screenwriter in our community.

Imagine you had a daughter, son, brother, sister, wife, husband, friend, neighbour on death row in Indonesia. That’s the situation a close friend of mine finds themselves in. As you read this, that person is sat in a cell most people would never even house an animal in. Under constant fear of possible torture and… much worse.

When I heard their story, I knew I needed to act.

When I heard the story of their lawyer, who works for free AND also fights to save the lives of marginalised people, the innocent, and the vulnerable, I was set on fire with a desire to act now.

So in invite you to support Ricky, an extraordinary lawyer, who is FIGHTING tirelessly to improve conditions, saves lives and make an enormous difference in his country. Listen to him speak in the video on this page, it will move you deeply.

This whole experience has helped shed light into a deep shadow and I am deeply grateful for the perspective that helps me see just how good my life is, and how I enjoy liberty and freedom from tyranny. CONTRIBUTE HERE

Join me in my goal to raise £3k for an amazing human being, to pay to keep the lights on (and remember he takes no fee for these cases). Give what you can, it will remind you how wonderful life is for most of us. Then let’s smash that £3k and stretch to £5k…


Thank you.

Onwards and upwards!

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