Lynn 'The Fin' Hawkins, Channel Swimmer


I am a great believer in what you give, comes back to you. But that is often in ways that you don’t expect. A friend of mine just, last weekend actually, swam the English Channel. Each year about 800 people manage to climb Everest, but only 200 manage to conquer the Channel. Lynn is one of those who did manage it. She solo swam, non stop, 47 miles in 16 hours and 33 minutes. 


And she did it all for charity. And so, to help put something back, I agreed to edit the video (which was intermittently wobbly due to sea sickness!). Lynn can now sell this DVD to raise even more money for her chosen charity, the Macmillan Trust for cancer research.

The video turned out to be an amazing document of her journey and struggle. It’s quite profound and emotional and I know anyone who knows Lynn, or anyone who was involved in this adventure, will be riveted. Anyone who doesn’t know her, will be in awe of her courage and determination, even when all looks lost.

So by editing this video, I believe I have managed to facilitate for Lynn and Macmillan trust, around another £1,000 by means of DVD sales of the video. We will see how they go. And for me, it’s important to keep putting something back, something I was taught by my parents as a young man (It all began with me going to OAP homes dressed as Father Christmas! I know!).

Now, casting for ‘Gone Fishing’! I will report tomorrow.

Onward an upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author 

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