Listen to the masters, Spielberg, Cameron and Abrams… WOW!

Earlier this year I wrote on the blog about a seminal documentary that aired in the 80’s, about how ILM created visual effects. It was made by the BBC as part of the Horizon series. And when I discovered the doc in my old archives and posted it, I found that many other film makers shared that seminal experience (you can watch the documentary here).

For this generation of film maker, Spielberg was the film maker whose worked represented the pinnacle of popular movie making. And so when I discovered that the DGA just held a tribute to him, with James Cameron and JJ Abrams, AND they filmed it… AND made it available free… I cleared my schedule for an hour and a half of the master in conversation with his contemporaries.

And it doesn’t disappoint.

Sure, I’m not sure that I learned much new about Spielberg, but to listen to him in conversation with James Cameron and JJ Abrams is a rare treat that is 100% unmissable.

Do yourself a favour and watch it now. You can watch with the link above or by clicking here.

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  1. BrianR July 10, 2011 at 7:57 pm #


    Many thanks for this! I’ll get to watching it as soon as I’m done with the flashbacks about the Horizon doc. I cannot believe you’ve found this old beaut which was likely as seminal for me and some of my mates as it was for you. One of my pals is now, subsequently, a special FX make up artist for some big movies and this was a big deal for all of us.

    Brilliant and thank you again!

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