Oli I got a few responses from yesterdays blog and I just wanted to share with you one from a film maker I met on one of my courses a few years back, Oli Lewington…

Hey Chris, I’m a long-time follower of your various activities – got the books, done the course, blah blah blah. I just wanted to send you some good vibes and wishes to keep on trucking with the project. You’ve written a couple of times over the last week about the pressure you’re feeling and the compromises you’ve got to make and I just wanted to remind you to keep you’re eye on the bigger picture.

You’re latest blog gives a hint of your awareness of it, but make sure you don’t lose it.  You’ve spent years inspiring people to follow their filmic dreams and just get out there and do it and now you’re becoming a living example.

I am currently waiting for a double-lung transplant and without it, I probably won’t see the turn of the year.  If and when I do get it – God willing – I know my path lies as a film-maker and I know it’s to your books and experiences I will return to drive me forward to achieve my dreams.

So every step you take on your journey through Gone Fishing and on to Rocketboy, don’t forget that you’re taking a step forward not just for yourself, but for all the people you’ve inspired to follow their dreams and who will aspire to emulate you when you achieve your own.  You signed my copy of the Blueprint with “See you at the Oscars in 2008” – that may be a little soon for the both of us, but I’m determined we’ll do it in the next decade.

Keep onwards, upwards and ever forwards and don’t lose sight of where you’re going, where you’re coming from and who you’re taking with you.

Best wishes and best of luck,

Blimey Oli, thanks for writing. Everyone involved in Gone Fishing has been moved by your words, and we are all redoubling our efforts to make it to the Oscars!

UPDATE in Jan 2008 -Oli got his operation and is fine and well right now! Hoorah!

Onwards and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author 

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