Take a peek at some of our Storyboards

Boards001frame_0039 I am getting very close to locking the storyboards now. I will be done by tomorrow. If you want to see how some of them look, I have put a few up on our site here. I will be pleased to get this behind me as it’s eaten up a whole load of time – essential for sure, but nonetheless, time consuming.

Doing the final scene today forced a script redraft again, and this time, I am sure I nailed it. Part of the plot revolved around a newspaper clipping and I was never happy with that – a newspaper headline is a weak device for a story, even at the best of times. I managed, through much gnashing of teeth, to work it our through character now, so that is excellent news.I also got hold of a small solid state Video Camera, a Sanyo HD Xacti, so I can now start shooting a really intimate ‘behind the scenes’. This camera is sooooo small it can go anywhere, and it records to memory cards. The quality is very good all things considered, but I have really opted for this camera as I can have it one me at all times and can be shooting in under 15 seconds if I need to. Intimacy over quality.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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