We need your help! PROPS!

Gf Things are going very well here at Living Spirit. We are just four weeks away from the shoot for ‘Gone Fishing’, (shooting on 2 perf 35mm), and now up in glorious Scotland. We are still a little short of cash, so if you want to contribute, you can get more information here…

If you are based in or around Glasgow and can help, we would like to hear from you – mail@livingspirit.com 

We also need your stuff! Actually, we need a bunch of props URGENTLY. 

The film centres around a fishing trip in the 50’s / 60’s so we really need all things Fishing – if you have anything, and it needs to be pre 70’s really, drop me a line. Rod’s, reels, baskets, hooks, magazines – anything.

We also urgently need old photos. Pictures of people fishing, families who have a love of fishing, and especially kids fishing, holding up their catch etc. Anything that just says fishing! Maybe there are some shots of you or your parents on a family holiday?

We also need a selection of hooks, one that is a few inches long (in fact we need two of them as it gets chewed in the story), and another big old meat hook that can be slightly rusted.

Here are some more props too.
A 50’s / 60’s battery operated torch.
An old Exchange and Mart (70’s or earlier)
A wooden ruler (12”)

We also need some very large worms, so if you happen to know of anyone who breeds exotically large worms (I KNOW!) drop me a line. I mean BIG’UN’S

Finally, we are looking for some animatronics – we have a large fish that we plan to shoot in three ways…

One is an underwater animatronic that will splash water (any suggestions?)
One is like a glove puppet.
And finally, we will shoot with a live Pike! Blimey.

If you can help on any of these, please get in touch via email – mail@livingspirit.com 

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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