George Romero dies and we lose a legend… Watch the Making Of The Classic ‘Dawn Of The Dead’

As a kid who loved horror films, seeing ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ when I was WAYYYY too young, on a scuzzy VHS tape down at my friends house (cos this family had the only on VHS player in the road), is an event seared in my memory.

I was shocked, stunned, upset, excited…

I felt Like I had seen something that frankly I should not have seen.

And I wanted MORE. The experience (along with ‘The Evil Dead’) led directly to my first super 8mm film(s), the first being Necronomicon (which you can see here, along with all the lessons I learned).

At that embryonic stage I was more into visual effects than filmmaking and loved the work of the legendary Tom Savini whose career became deeply intertwined with Romero’s.

And so we lose a legend of horror, a man who I owe a great deal to. He was always outspoken, inventive and undeniably ahead of his time.

You will be missed George.

Onwards and upwards!

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