Shooting days two and three…

Set Today and yesterday were as expected, REALLY TOUGH.

Yesterday, we spent the whole day in Ealing Studios on stage 3, where we had built a set. Most of the highly charged and emotional scenes took place in the set and so from a directors point, it was a wonderful day. Lynn Blakely, who plays Emily, Old Bill’s wife, turned in a stunning and tear jerking performance. Many of us shed a silent tear during her scenes.

It was also a day when people who contributed to GF had the chance to visit set, and here are a few things they said…

"As a professional actor, it's great to see and appreciate such beautifully subtle performances from the likes of Bill Paterson, Lynn Blakely and Ruth Gemmell. They added an extra touch of class to what I am sure will be a successful
film. I can't wait to see the fruits of this labour". Steve Payne.

Devon ‘I've worked on a number of short films in various capacities in past, and visited a number of film sets, and this was one of the calmest, smoothest shoots I'd ever seen; there was barely a raised voice or a crisis while I was in attendance and the crew seemed to work like a well-oiled machine. Although today's filming took place in the large interior of an Ealing Studio stage, the atmosphere created during filming felt very intimate and low-key, which seems to suit the tone of the film.’ Martyn Bamber

It was really nice to have visitors one set and I know everyone enjoyed the experience.

Once the shots were in the can, we had to strike the set immediately. You will be glad to know that we managed to donate all the wood from the set to another short film, thereby recycling our materials – most professional films just skip several tons of timber!

Today, we shot at the lakes, got some great shots, but as we were filming from a boat at one point, I really felt victimised by the technology – I really do know now why Water World went so horrifically over budget.

Still, we have a great team who are great at solving problems – as our bear of a man Andy, the camera operator said, ‘The answer is yes, not what’s the question?’

We were only shooting with Devon today, the build up to his battle with Goliath, the man eating pike.

I was helped out by fellow film maker Simon Cox today, who directed second unit, picking up all the shots we dropped. It’s such an enormous help top have someone who can help keep you on schedule, and Vernon someone you can trust to get what’s needed, and add a little something of themselves in for good measure.

We have dropped behind schedule, so I think we will be adding an extra shooting day. But that’s a problem for Ivan the producer to figure out. 

OK I gotta go to bed now as I am very tired.

PS – forgive any typo’s, I am too tired to check it over.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author 

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