VFX starts


We have begun the visual effects stage for Gone Fishing! Hoorah! Yesterday, Midnight Transfer took the 35mm film and scanned selected shots on their Northlight scanner. The shots were outlined in a EDL supplied by Eddie Hamilton (Editor) and are just the shots that need visual effects work.

We shot both 3perf and 4perf 35mm film, and when scanned, the 3perf frames come in at about 9mb each the 4perf coming in at 12mb (per frame that is!!!!). Each frame is saved in a format called DPX, which are RGB encoded with 16 bits per channel. The big thing to note is that the scans are VERY low contrast, as you can see from the picture (left is the raw scan, right I have adjusted the levels in Photoshop to look more like the final image will appear).

The six shots ended up at around 12gb which Midnight Transfer saved to an external USB2 HD that was dropped off last week. The next step is a meeting on Monday with Men From Mars, who are doing the actual effects. I have committed to doing one effect myself, using After Effects – it’s a really simple shot, and MFM have promised to hold my hand through the entire process. I will report on my progress and what I learn on the blog.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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