Cannes 2008, our second day, Monday…

Indy_2 Last night ended on a real high – I stood right by the red carpet as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford walked right by, after the world premiere of Indiana Jones. I must admit, I got goose bumps.


So this morning I dropped of the 35mm print of ‘Gone Fishing’ at film reception in the Palais for the screening tomorrow, and was glad to be rid of it – it’s only one reel but it’s very heavy. I am amazed at how heavy my bag is, full of loads of bits like cameras, dictaphones, postcards… CjIt all makes for a progressively weary experience, so thank goodness it’s been overcast today.

And then onward with the PR. I have been helped again by a group from the Met Film School, but it’s now turning into a long haul marathon, trying to get everyone who is important to commit to coming, and everyone is tired. 

Later I met with Stacey Parks, who I am doing an event with on Sunday coming, about film distribution. We recorded a short podcast that I will edit this week and get up before the weekend. She had a lot of good stuff to say and lots of new ideas, which is all good news for next Sundays event at Ealing Studios. Later, while going into the Carlton Hotel, I literally bumped into George Lucas. WOW! THE GUY WHO MADE STAR WARS… I had previously met Mr Lucas five years ago at Ealing Studios when I gave him a copy of The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook. On this occasion though, I don't think he remembered me!

I also met with sales agent Lisa Romanoff from Vision Films who told me that two new waves of distribution are coming. The first we all know about, which is video on demand over the internet. The other is reselling old titles that have been properly remastered in HD… ‘and I mean properly remastered, not just upconverted’ she added. So there may yet be another lease of life for some of my old films.

I have been getting several very complimentary emails from people who have seen the film in the Short Film Corner and it’s really great to get that positive feedback. Something inside you always smiles when someone says that your work really touched them. It’s what it’s really all about for me.

Late this afternoon I got a call from a film maker friend who had just met a film music composer who saw ‘Gone Fishing’ and loved it so much, he wanted to write a new score for the film! (as we actually used library music for the soundtrack in the end). We won’t be re-scoring it, but we did meet and his music is very good – you can listen to some samples here if you are into it.

Tonight, as usual, there will be heaps of parties here in Cannes, but I am going to get an early night in preparation for the carnage of tomorrow night! A screening of the movie then party on the beach! Right. Time for some cheap food and then bed!

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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