Canneswaterfront1 It’s a matter of hours now before the Cannes Film Festival and Market opens and I am getting very excited about what might happen with 'Gone Fishing'.

First off I can announce that we will be having an amazing launch party on the beach at The Century Club on Tuesday the 20th. This is a very prestigious venue right at the very heart of the festival, so we are all very excited to be having the event there. If you are in Cannes, drop me an email or send me a text when you are there on 0044 7977 516 628 and I will let you know if you can come along. Numbers will be limited, but anyone who was involved in the production will be very welcome. The venue for the Century Club is actually custom built in the run up to Cannes and it’s amazing to see a whole brand new building just appear on the beach…!

I am working hard on all the PR stuff now, and setting up meetings for when I arrive. I am also planning on making a short video blog to document some of the crazy events as they happen.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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