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Short film corner By being part of The Short Film Corner in Cannes, your film is digitised onto their system and is available for private viewing in their booths. This means people can get to see your film at any point. The quality is pretty poor, which is a shame, but it is very accessible. You also get a report to say who saw it, so you can follow up with an email or phone call, which is very useful.

But perhaps the nicest thing is that you get emails from people who liked the film… Here are some that I received…

Dear Chris, I really enjoyed your film. What a beautiful story. Well done and beautifully shot. All the best to you I hope the world gets to enjoy it. In these times of blood and guts film making your work was a welcomed relief. Thank you. My name is Sharon Ferguson and I am in the film ‘Theogony’. I look forward to more of your work.
Sincerely, Sharon

Hi Chris, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and was moved by your short Gone Fishing. It is beautifully shot and well told. Many congratulations on such a lovely film.
Regards Carey

I thought this was beautiful

Blimey! It’s always lovely to get feedback from people who were touched by the movie.

And the video is coming, we hope it will be up by tomorrow.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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