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Rob2 So today is the big day, the reason why we made ‘Gone Fishing’ in the fist place… to screen it to Marc Samuelson to show my abilities as a director with a view to my staying on board Rocketboy… And so I have been reflecting on the past year and thought I would share some thoughts.

In doing anything ambitious, many new avenues open up. I have no idea where ‘Gone Fishing’ will ultimately lead, and I know there will be new and impossible to predict opportunities that come out of it. For me, this is the real reason for doing anything ambitious in life – all this new and unpredictable stuff starts to happen, some of it bad but most of it good tor great.

But it’s been a slog, especially in final mastering, for two main reasons.

First off, everything needed to be done to a very high technical level. That means I can’t do it home on my PC. It also meant that while I could get help, it was always in downtime. So I had to wait. It was not uncommon for me to turn up in central London to do a session only to find the other client had over run and I was booted out. I have no problem with this at all, but it did have an impact. It took longer, much longer than anticipated.

Which leads me on to the second point. I had to do everything myself (in post production once the edit was complete). I could not send materials with a courier (there was no budget), I could not pay someone to oversee things, only I could go in and check stuff (and there was no possibilities of a cab where I could make calls en route). So bad was this problem that I invested in an Asus EEE micro computer so that I could use my down time. Again, this is not a complaint, it’s just an accurate reflection of one of the hidden costs – my time. If you arte thinking of a movie like ‘Gone Fishing’, remember that technical completion in post will take longer than you think and that means more trips to and from where you are working.

Finally, the budget is creeping up too… festival submissions, post cards, posters, DVDr’s etc. It all starts to mount up.

Eddie I am so glad that editor Eddie Hamilton was always available through this long and difficult process, for quick creative and technical chats and visits, to keep everything chugging along in a very positive way. Eddie is the unsung hero of ‘Gone Fishing’, from first draft script, all the way to final tweaks in the projection booth at the premiere. Thank you mate. This is as much your film as mine.

Onward and upward.

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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