Documentary masterclass success!

Doc We are all just recovering from an awesome Documentary Film Makers Masterclass that we hosted this weekend, run by Andrew ‘Zee’ Zinnes, and co-author of The Documentary Film Makers Handbook with Genevieve. We had a packed class of 15 and everyone had a great time, especially on the Sunday afternoon, when ideas are work-shopped.

Having spent a little time over the last few months teaching young film makers in a longer and structured curriculum, it was really GREAT to be in a room with a bunch of people who really wanted to be there, had paid for it, made time in busy lives, and so damn it, they were going to get everything they can out of it! It really confirms in my mind that for some people, the best way to approach education in a vocational career like film, is through short, intense and stimulating short courses. The difference in the group is quite astonishing and really great to be involved with as a teacher.

Doc2 It was so successful that Zee has now committed to bringing it back again next Summer. Anyway, here are a few comments from the seminar, I am sure more will follow…

Motivating… I now have an energy battery bunny burning in my brain to do it!!!’
Maria, TV Presenter and Doc Film Maker

‘High energy and a great sharing of knowledge by experts in thief field’
Romilla Ready, Doc Film Maker and Author of NLP for Dummies

‘It was really inspirational and refreshing to be around people who were saying that things were possible, and offering encouragement as well as practical advice. It was full-on…!’
Harriet Shawcross, Lecturer in Film and TV

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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