DVD covers at the printers being printed… RIGHT NOW!

DVDcover I have just got word that I will be getting the DVD covers for ‘Gone Fishing’ tomorrow. They have been printed by a company that specialises in DVD covers and the like, called Kellmat (link here). Matt, my contact there, did us a great deal with 500 covers for £129 (double sided). If you want to see the cover now, here is a low res PDF. If you do get in contact about a cover for your film, let Matt know it’s through this blog.

So everything is now pretty much in place, DVD’s, press packs, banners, post cards folders etc (though I still don’t have full sized posters so if you have any tips I would welcome a heads up). We have a plan for getting into the race for the Oscars and I hope to be able to reveal that in the next few days (once it is in place).

We are also working on a number of UK screenings too, and again, I hope to announce dates very soon… So much is teetering on the edge…

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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