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Music cue I have been working on compiling the Music Cue Sheet for ‘Gone Fishing’. This is a document that is legally required before the film can be publically screened. It details what music is used in the film, and who owns the various rights. The theory is that whenever the film is played (TV / Theatre / DVD etc.) musicians and composers receive royalties as their music is played, and without this document, no-one knows where the music came from. Royalties received can vary wildly from very little to amounts that you could retire on (depending on where and when and how many times a film is screened). Kind of makes you wish that you had come up with the music for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (remember that show is syndicated around the world with the same music playing every week!)

In Gone Fishing we have music from two main sources – first is Audio Networks, a kind of one stop shop for music production. They supplied the beginning and end music, and some of the tinkly bits in between. The great thing about Audio Networks is that it’s a one payment for all rights kind of deal, and one payment per production too (regardless of how much music is used). All their music is available online for previewing here.

The other music came from more traditional libraries and we are going to have to find some money to pay for this bigger license fee (which is collected and managed by the MCPS here in the UK).

It’s surprising how much time the Music Cue Sheet takes to produce, and it’s astonishing to me that there isn’t a simple and standard form that you can use – I have found maybe twenty variants on what I consider the basic format and data needed.

If you want to listen to the music in Gone Fishing, you can hear a mix of it here.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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