Bahamas, the complete webisodes…

With the dust settling in the Bahamas, I have now edited the two webisodes together and added a few testimonials from people who really connected with the film. Several people came and spoke to me about how much the film had touched them, people who had recently lost a parent. What they shared with me both on camera and off camera was very moving. I would like to thank them for sharing so passionately.

6a00d8341e322053ef0105364d56c1970c-800wi I have also reflected on what Laurence Fishburne spoke about, he really was very candid and insightful. As he said, it's all about the work, all about the audience. That really resonated with me.

I have a few days before I fly home and have chosen to invest that time in writing my script, locking myself into my hotel room and hammering away at the keyboard. I must say it’s very tough – for instance, this morning a group of film makers invited me to go on a catamaran out to the islands for some snorkelling.

Crikey. Tough choices…

Still I must recognise that Gone Fishing has opened a window of opportunity, a window that will not remain open for long. Eighteen months work for the next few months opportunities. I guess there will be time for snorkelling next year.

And please do check in over the next few days… we have an extraordinary announcement to make…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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