Movie Blueprint at Sundance!

Book I just took delivery of ten Guerilla Film Makers Handbooks and wouldn’t you know it, the publishers sent me copies of the Movie Blueprint by mistake! Doh! At the very same moment, I also got a mail from a fellow film maker, Jason Clancy, who bought the Movie Blueprint some time ago and has been using it to make films out in Utah, after he left his native Scotland. I just saw a cut of his latest short which looks terrific, shot up in the wintery Utah mountains.

He sent me this pic form an early morning call time and invited me to camp down at his log cabin while at Sundance in January.

So I thought, rather than send the books back to the publishers, why not do a special offer – so for just ten copies only, you can buy a copy of The Guerilla Film Makers Movie Blueprint for just £18 plus £5 postage and packing (overseas add another £7 postage). I was also tickled recently when another film maker contacted me and said… ‘When I bought the Movie Blueprint off you in 2006, you wrote ‘See you at the Oscars in 2009!’ on the front page…’ Blimey!

OK So if you want to buy one of these books, click here for the UK…

Or here for International…

Once the ten are sold, I will take the link down.

Below are some comments about the book from previous readers…

And if you want to read more about the book, you can do it here

Item121 On another note, Stacey Parks, distribution guru, has contacted me about her Self Distribution Kit for Film Makers and pledged to give us half the funds from every sale toward the Oscars campaign! What a terrific girl (she also knows that whatever I learn on the journey I will share with her and other new film makers, so its in her interest too). I recorded a PodCast with her earlier in the year and intend getting that up and online in the next few days. Watch this space.

Anyway, here’s Staceys blur…

The NEW AND IMPROVED Film Distribution Kit now ships to you directly to you on CD-Rom!  Gain access to over 150 hand-picked distributors in 39 countries for you to submit your films to. Get information on the type of distribution deals you can expect from worldwide distribution deals. Project revenues for you film and much more.This kit costs $99 and ORDER BY DECEMBER 18 AND RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING! Click here for the special discounted rate

Remember, 50% of each sale goes directly to Gone Fishing.

Movie Blueprint Feedback and Reviews

…Brilliantly accessible, engaging and packed to bursting with first-rate expert advice, worked examples, flowcharts and case studies; it’s both a film school, and a ‘cookbook’ from a masterchef… Essential reading…   NIC WISTREICH, THE FILM FINANCE HANDBOOK

…does for low budget film what Gray did for human anatomy… one point six kilos of pure gold… James McGregor, Netribution

‘The perfect mix of fun, technical details and everything you need to know to make your own movie. It leaves in the challenges of making movies, but encourages us to believe that we can create the world we see in our heads. And so I did. Thank you, Movie Blueprint’.
Michelle Denise Norton – Lonely Pond Productions, Inc.

‘The Movie Blueprint is the only tool that an indie filmmaker absolutely must own. I couldn’t have made my feature without it, and if I’d followed all the advice I’d have made a better film.’
John Rackham, Director of indie thriller ‘Bloodmyth’

‘I produced my first feature with the help of the Blueprint, which never left my or the director’s side. I can’t thank the author enough for this ‘Film school made simple’… truly an indispensable handbook!’
Liesbeth Beeckman, Producer

‘The level of detailed knowledge in this book is simply incredible. It eased me through scriptwriting, guided me through pre-production, kept my sanity while shooting, cajoled me through editing and yelled at me through marketing! Every problem, every joy and every decision I encountered making my film was foreseen in it’s pages. As a direct result, my debut feature got made, shown at the cinema and is now selling around the world.’
Allin Kempthorne – Producer / Director,

‘This inspiring book guided me all the way from just thinking about making a film to the 2007 Melbourne International Film Festival.’
Stefen Lewis – Writer-Director-Producer

‘Every time I bought this book someone stole it. It’s that good.’
Nicola Fletcher, Producer 


Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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