The Bahamas Film Festival Starts Tomorrow…

Hotel For the next week or so, I have left behind wintery London, and headed off to The Bahamas International Film Festival in Nassau. You know you are in a different part of the world if, when you get to passport control, there is both live music and a free Bacardi bar to welcome you.

I am staying at a resort, on its own Island, called Atlantis, and it is extraordinary. It’s kind of like Las Vegas, but on the beach, complete with its own casino. If you have ever stayed in any of those hotels on the strip in Vegas, you will know just what I am in for. The view is lovely though, overlooking pools and palm trees. I haven’t had time to explore yet, and right now I am hungry and jet lagged. I had to smile when I checked in, the girl said ‘Welcome to the lost island of Atlantis…’ Apparently some American guests think that it’s actually built on the ruins of Atlantis itself.

There are loads of events coming up over the next week, but my main objective while here, is to take advantage of the fact that I have NO coverage on my phone and Internet costs a staggering $14.99 a day – so it’s the free wireless in the Café for me to check mails and hopefully upload video blogs (and literally no phone calls!). The rest of this distraction free time by the sea will be spent working on a number of scripts.

As for the email blast I sent yesterday, about buying Gone Fishing DVD’s , it’s been VERY successful, so please, if you haven’t already, email all your friends with this link so they can buy a DVD as a special gift for someone this Christmas.

Right, gotta get some supplies now as I certainly can’t afford room service!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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