Have you ever loved someone, and lost someone?

Old Bill  
More incredible words have been flooding from people who have seen Gone Fishing. I designed the story to be evocative of my childhood, growing up in the Northwest of England, with an old brick works at the top of my road, surrounded by woodlands, quarries and lakes. In fact that history is actually in the film itself. If you watch it, Old Bill’s fireplace is surrounded by photos – they are of myself and my brother having fun in the woods and by lakes in my home town of Wigan. I was particularly delighted then, when I got an email from someone in Wigan who had seen the film, and shared similar childhood memories. He lived next door to my Uncle George, who died last year, before he got chance to see the film, which is sad as I know he would have enjoyed the experience. Here are their comments, and a few others…

MalcThe images from "Gone Fishing" are so redolent of my childhood spent in the fifties and early sixties. What captured my attention more than anything, I feel, was the space and freedom conveyed. I was catapulted back to days spent damming streams, sliding down fern-strewn embankments, finding a skylark's nest, only to lose it again! The film resonates with an innocence long gone; wide open fields and spaces, taking sandwiches and spending the whole day outdoors, collecting sticklebacks and frog spawn in jam jars. This is such an evocative film, chartering experiences and relationships which sadly seem no longer to exist. Thanks for the memories.
Debbie and Malcolm Clark, UpHolland, Wigan

Carla Have you ever loved someone, and lost someone? Have you ever wondered where they went and how they are? Do you hope to see them again? Does it all seem confusing and confounding? If the answer is yes, then there's a movie for you …it's called "Gone Fishing" …with colors and imagery like a Monet come to life, it engages you, confuses you, consoles you….of all the movies I've seen over the past year this one lingers in the mind…and heart…far more than the others.
Carla Ricci, Rhode Island USA

Dave carnell My wife and I have watched this three times, and each time you see something different, something you had not noticed before. The concept of the short film in itself causes discussion, and again, each time you 'feel' something new. The sound track is excellent, the performances are excellent and the filming is such that you are transported away from the room you are in. This may all sound a little crazy, but no – when you watch the extras, (and once again the stills / photography are very well done, along with that haunting melodious music!) you realise just how much effort goes into the making of the film – even down to the fin on the back of a tennis racket – ingenious… you are hooked (pardon the pun) from start to finish!
Dave Carnell, Loughborough, Business Consultant

The DVD turned up on Christmas Eve so I wrapped it and put it under the tree. We watched it on Christmas Day and were absolutely blown away by the film. I just wanted to say what a great story you have here. The film is (as we say Down Under) a bottler, the production is first class and the acting hits the mark; I sincerely hope you get that Oscar. I hope you are having a great Christmas and your New Year is successful.
Mike and Fiona Hardy, Brisbane, Australia

 Whenever I get that spine-tingling feeling at the back of my neck I know I've been in for a treat. Gone Fishing moves beyond beautiful imagery to give us a warm, touching story with a challenging perspective on bereavement.
Mike Mindel, www.wordtracker.com

Thank you very much sir for your dedication on the "Gone Fishing" DVD. This film and the picture of it are wonderful. This is not my only opinion. Many friends of mine have seen it and they think the same thing. I wish you, as we say in french, "good winds" for your next project.Thank you again, sincerly yours
Loïc and Murielle HASCOET, Brittany, France

What can I say? Gone Fishing is a remarkable achievement… a film that celebrates the wistful nostalgia of youth, the pain of loss, the thrill of the 'one that got away'… It works on so many levels and stands up to repeated viewings – I refuse to call it a 'short' -  the standard of filmaking is so professional and simply stunning, and it has an distinctly epic sweep to it.

It's a remarkably assured debut from director Chris Jones – I love the comical little nods to 'Jaws', and the beautiful cinematography and excellent sound design transcend it's low-budget origins. Kudos to the director, actors and crew… I feel Mr Jones is definitely destined for big things.
I did watch the extras… and I found myself completely drawn absorbed by the main doc where Chris was showing the film at various festivals… I felt like I was there with him and was willing him to win all the way. It's plainly obvious that the film is being greatly admired and respected by everyone who see's it.
John Morely, Independent Reviewer

6a00d8341e322053ef010535b449ff970c-800wi GONE FISHING is a heart-wrenching, but not without humor, metaphor of the journey we all make at some point in our lives.  Who would've thought that a story about death and loss could leave one exhilerated? Three cheers to this short yet masterful film and to the man that made it so. To quote Oliver Twist, "I want some more". GO CHRIS!!!
Marlyn Mason, Medford, Oregon, Movie Star!


Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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  1. William McLaughlan, Glasgow January 14, 2009 at 8:52 pm #

    Chris, I just watched Gone Fishing. I thought it was truly brilliant. I can’t wait to see you guys collecting your Oscar! A fabulous story beautifully told. Well done. You and all involved should be extremely proud. Great work! I’m really looking forward to Rocket Boy! Get it sorted! Best wishes.

  2. Larry October 29, 2009 at 2:16 am #

    I’m sad to say I missed meeting Marlyn Mason last week. She visited Donut Country in Medford, OR (my wife and I are the owners)and I wasn’t there. She has always been one of my favorite actress’ and I would love to meet her, but alas, once again, I was Johnny come lately. She has such an adorable smile and still has that sparkling twinkle in her eye.

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