Pitching at the London Screenwriters’ Festival

Pitching Thursday has now become a ‘thing’ at the festival – an extra day of Pitch training to get our delegates to prep them for the Pitchfest. This year, alongside Charlie Harris, we flew over pitching rock star Pilar Alessandra to kick everyone into high octane, top gear!

We asked all our delegates if they thought the day was value for money, and 100% of them said YES! You can bet we will be flying in Pilar again for 2013! Buckle up!

Here’s what the delegates said…

‘I went from rookie to ready in one day!’
Amy Pebworth

‘…A great and safe place to try things out. Really practical help. A solid grounding in how to pitch. I’ve heard so many different log lines and pitches, I feel so inspired. Everyone is so creative…Discussing my pitch has highlighted a few changes of emphasis I need to make in my script. Really helped me focus.’
Philip Lawrence

‘Very engaging, gives you confidence and motivation to understand and make a clear and concise pitch’
John Clay

‘I’ve come away from Pitching Thursday with a newfound confidence for the Pitching session.’
William John

‘A must! Especially for beginner writers and producers’
Nikka Lorak

‘I came this morning with a story and left at the end of the day with several versions of my pitch and heaps of ideas’
Katherine Yarbough

‘Charles and Pilar are AMAZING!!! They enabled me by giving me a simple approach to pitching techniques. I felt unprepared before, but they make the scary prospect of pitching seem easy’
Liam Hughes

‘Engaging, enthusiastic speakers, the chance to hear the views and ideas of other screenwriters, great advice for both concise and extended pitches. Really helped me piece together my loglines, pitch, and one sheet into one distinct element’
Christopher Marchant

‘Gets you thinking (whether you like it or not)’‘
Alison Wilkie

‘Tips, tools, ideals – the perfect preparation for the pitching sessions…Thank you!’
Anthony Etherington

‘Wealth of good clear advice from real industry professionals’
David Cook

‘It was a great warm up, eye opening, and inspiring. A big thank you for all your passion! Warm welcome from the producers of LSF. And thank you for British Pitch Fest. Great opportunity’
Georgia Andreea Patrucescee

‘Pitching can be fun! People want to hear your story, enjoy that’
Dee Chilton

‘Charles and Pilar were great value. Insight, inspiration and a de-mystifying of the pitch process’
Nick Boocock

‘Absolutely inspiring and stimulating! It helps even the shyest guy in the world to gain a startling self-confidence in pitching. It’s also a good exercise to test the real value of your writing’
Giordano Trischitta

‘Essential for everyone looking to pitch’
Gary Hall

‘I now know how to pitch my entire TV show in 1 or 2 sentences. Made pitching really simple – boiled it down to telling the story and making it a conversation’

‘Thank you. A big fabulous thank you!’
Hayley November

‘I finally got advice on how to pitch a multi-strand screenplay’
Robyn Evans

‘Pitching Thursday is about finding the fun and putting the ‘fest’ into Pitchfest’.
KT Parker

Onwards and upwards!

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