Advanced Screenwriting Techniques with Linda Aronson

This weekend I am hosting a two day advanced screenwriters masterclass with Linda Aronson,  The 21st Century Screenwriter. I am particularly excited about this as Linda was our top speaker at this years festival, and for once, I can actually sit in the audience and get all the good stuff that everyone else is getting. Horrah!

The workshop costs £119 but you can get it for £65, nearly half price – use the code CHRISJONES to get your discount (if you have a friend who wants to come, they can use this code too, so please share it with other writers).

What will you get?

  • A two day workshop aimed at advanced professional screenwriters.
  • Deep insight into story structure, especially stories that struggle to fit into the traditional three acts.
  • Insight into how to use ‘frowned upon’ tools such as flashback and tandem narrative.
  • Greater understanding of the ‘rules’ of screenwriting and when you can break them.
  • Tools to help make your characters more authentic and engaging.
  • Networking with hundreds of other professional screenwriters, producers and directors.
  • And as ever with all our events, a shot in the arm that will accelerate your career massively!

You can get a full break down of the workshop on the site here…

You can also read a section from her book on Creativity and general problem solving here …

OK… Take action now and join hundreds of other screenwriters at the 21st Century Screenwriters Workshop

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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