Top 6 things you should do to share your stills with the online community, journalists and media channels

GF018-Old Bill and Simon go fishing in Gone Fishing directed by Chris Jones

Following on from my post about killer stills for your film last week…(HERE) Even if you have great images, they are NO USE if people can’t get to them and use them

So how do you share them with the world?

When your film goes into the sales phase, just like production, your time gets sucked down the toilet. You won’t have time to hand select photos for bloggers, tweeters, news sites and other media outlets. And you NEED them to have your killer shots as a photo speaks a thousand words!

Here are my top tips for sharing photos online.

  • Name the JPG files with a clear description so that people know who is in the photo, the context and the project name.
  • Upload the best shots (possibly a few hundred to Flickr) and share the link, much like our shots from The London Screenwriters’ Festival HERE.
  • Create a DropBox and share that link too (though not full DropBox access or images might get deleted). Example HERE
  • Create a ‘Best Of Package’ with maybe six of eight shots, a package that you can email. This will mean resizing so the package is maybe 5mb max. Do not Zip them or embed into the email, just attach. This way they are files are easily accessible on all devices, such as tablets and phones. Create a ‘Best Of’ DropBox and link too.
  • Add the DropBox links to the footer of all your emails.
  • Add your key artwork (poster) to the package, assuming you have it.

People sometimes say to me, how do you do so much online? The truth is I work fast. If anyone can make it easier by submitting stuff to me in a simple way, I am more likely to promote their stuff, ideas, brand, projects etc.

Remember, great stills and EASY ACCESS to great stills will transform the online presence that others (bloggers, SM commentators, other media) will build for you. Make their busy jobs easier and YOU will benefit.

Onwards and upwards!

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