Something For The Weekend? Making The Passion Of The Christ

christus passion_fotoMel Gibson’s brutal and deeply felt telling of the biblical tale of the crucifixion of Christ is a fascinating and apt documentary for today – in some ways its a horror movie, certainly a a torturous gore fest and a little bit unhinged.

Irrespective of your own beliefs though, it remains a masterclass in passionate filmmaking, in understanding and connecting with your market, and of personal courage. Consider that meeting when Mel said ‘no, it’s not in English, it’s in Aramaic and Latin’. Now that’s a committed filmmaker!

I know that the making of ‘Apocalyto’ was similarly insane too.

You don’t need to believe in God or even like Mel, but blimey and ironically, he behaves like a possessed filmmaker and we can all be inspired by that.

Onwards and upwards!

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