Watch extraordinary documentary about the making of arguably the greatest movie ever made: Jaws

994272_676447362381795_1608145680_nJust when you thought DVD chat tracks were as close to experiencing the filmmakers vision asd you could get… editor Jamie Benning makes his FOURTH (!!!!) ‘movie runs in real time BTS made from archive footage’ about one of my top five movies of all time ‘Jaws’. It’s a chat track on steroids!

He calls them ‘filmumentaries’, and that’s exactly what they are.

Press play… and see how long you can last before stopping.

Jamie has lovingly searched all available archives and edited them, in sequence with the movie, to produce a documentary that film fans and filmmakers will devour.

Extraordinary. Thank you Jamie, you have done a wonderful thing!

UPDATE: Watch his filmumentaries on Star Wars, Empire and Jedi HERE and Raiders HERE

Onwards and upwards!

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