Gone Fishing Proposal – Final Proofs Before Printing

Gonefhsing I am just putting the final touches to my investment proposal for my short film, ‘Gone Fishing’, before I send it off to the printers tomorrow. It’s a fairly bold and unusual way of funding the movie, but I am hopeful that it will pay off. We are making up a full colour folded A4 document, complete with artwork and photos.

Once more I am struck at how much work goes into anything where you are striving for excellence. We didn’t want just some photocopied sheets, or a bulk email (I figure that anything that arrives in your email in-box now is almost always considered spam!), we needed something that conveyed our commitment to creating something really special, and yet, done with very little money.

For me, everything starts with this document, alongside the script. It’s a powerful statement of intent that goes out into the real world and therefore demands that at the very least, I take action, and hopefully, those who read it will also be inspired to also take action too. And you will certainly be hearing from me about the movie and how you can help too…

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