Announcing some cast and crew!

Vernan OK, it’s time we started to reveal who some of our talented cast and crew are going to be…

First off, I am more than delighted to announce that seasoned DP, no British LEGEND, Vernon Layton, will be shooting ‘Gone Fishing’. This is awesome news as Vernon truly is an artist. Among many others Vernon has shot The Young Americans, McVicar, I still Know What You Did Last Summer, and my personal favourite, Under Suspicion, a great Brit thriller that has been lost to history – check it out, it’s a terrific movie (directed by Simon Moore). We have spent a great deal of time chatting about the movie, and the film business in general and I know his expertise and experience will bring much to our set. I can’t wait! VERY EXCITED!

Ruth001 In the acting department, I am also delighted to announce that Ruth Gemmel (Spotlight link here) will be playing Imogen, the daughter of Old Bill, the lead character. You may have seen Ruth in a number of movies, but she is perhaps best know for playing the lead opposite Colin Firth in ‘Fever Pitch’, directed by my old film school buddy, David Evans. Ruth has a wonderfully relaxed and warm way about her, which is essential for her character. As we all know, short films are short, and everyone in every department has to ‘say so much with so little’. This is especially true for the actors. Ruth will be great in this reflective character.

RichardRichard Syms is going to be playing George, the grumpy fisherman friend of Old Bill (Spotlight link here). I worked with Richard on ‘Urban Ghost Story’ and he is a wonderful presence to have around.

We are still chasing a specific name for Old Bill, and negotiations are going well… watch this space.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author 

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