Compiling Clips for the Gone Fishing Course

QtI have been working on the one day course for the contributors of Gone Fishing today, and building the DVD with the clips. I have lots of video goodies, including this one here, which illustrates different slow motion frame rates. For some scenes we used an electronic High Speed camera which came in a van and needed super cooled computers and loads of hard disk space. It could shoot up to 2200 frames per second, so you can see why it needed so much kit. Light was also essential, you needed lots of it, so thankfully we were shooting in bright daylight. The camera actually shot a square frame, 1024 x 1024, and these frames were saved as a TIFF stream. I handed the camera guys a half gig drive to copy the media across to after the days shooting and walked away with it at the end of the day. Simple and efficient.

Back to the course… the best part of this course, and I have said it on the blog before, is going to be going through the development of the story, through scripts, shooting, editing, sound, music and mastering. The different edits are fascinating to watch in order, and to see how the film grows and is crafted in each different edit.

I can’t wait to present it to the group!

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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