Signing Books at FTX Canada

Books Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours with Genevieve and her husband Andrew (and daughter Casey Mae), signing copies of all three Guerilla Film Makers Handbooks (Including the new Movie Blueprint cover) at the FTX West Conference at Canada Place in Vancouver. FTX is a combination of Film Maker Forum with seminars and full blown technology expo. Sony unveiled a new HD Camera, but for me, the big thrill was to finally see the Red camera in the flesh. It’s not a pretty camera for sure, and it looks like there are many wrinkles to be ironed out, but it’s still by far the cheapest way to buy into full blown HD.

The Canadian Film Industry seems quite similar to that of the UK. It’s a film world in the shadow of America. It’s also a place where there is ‘free’ government money available. And like Britain, all too often, then combination of USA and free money tends to lead toward films being made that often should not be made. Far too much emphasis seems to be put on cultural identity, and much less on a ‘great story well told’. Ho hum.

On another note, Gone Fishing producer Ivan Clements seems to have pulled a major coup for the premiere. More on that in due course when I have spoken to him tomorrow.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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