Podcast with PMD Sally Hodgson on her multiple IndieGoGo crowd funding success stories

Sally Following last weeks successful podcast with IndieGoGo’s Danae Ringelmann (listen here), I promised I would follow up with a series on crowd funding. This is the second in that series, the final one coming next week in the form of a specific ‘how to’ article, but for now, here is a podcast I recorded today with Sally Hodgson.

Sally Hodgson is the PMD for a documentary called ‘Sound It Out’ which has run a very successful IndieGoGo campaign… In fact they have run three campaigns, one for production funding (here), one for post production (here) and now one for their world premiere (here).

Why three? Why so successful? Here’s Sally to explain…


Download the MP3 file here for your iPod

IndieGoGoAnd remember, we have our own IndieGoGo campaign running for The Production Office (we need new sound kit!) Check out the page and get involved, go on, you know you want to… Click here.

And do let us know how your crowdfunding campaigns are going too.

Onwards and upwards!

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