Picture Grading… The Final Day…

Grade We completed the grade on Friday, but it’s got to today to update the blog, Christmas day (!), as I left the grade and immediately fell ill with food poisoning! So no celebrations for me this year.

The grade went well. Extremely well in fact. Everyone is delighted with the outcome. However, there are  few snags. Russ Wharton, visual effects guy, came down from Wales but got caught in traffic all day, and so didn’t get to the grade until the final hour at 7pm. We managed to drop in the final effects and all were excellent, except one which needs a little more work. In the course of the grade, we also noticed a few more problems that need to be fixed as visual effects, so it’s over to Russ again. But now we are really up against it, as we have a premiere on Jan 12th, and I had hoped to get the shots to Russ before Xmas (on my way to my Brother who lives in Wales too). So food poising scuppered plan A. Plan B? Well I guess that will come into play tomorrow. 

But the good news is, 99% of the grade is now done and it looks every bit as good as we had hoped. Thank you John Claude at Midnight Transfer, you are a superstar!

Onward and upward…

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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