Soundtrack for Cannes

Compressed One of the problems with presenting Gone Fishing out in the world is that the soundtrack is very dynamic. The loud bits are very loud, the quite bits are very quite. Great if you are in a cinema, not so great if you are in a noisy café in Cannes!

To combat this, I have made a special Cannes DVD where I have modified the soundtrack. First off I have downconverted the 5.1 into straight stereo, and then using Adobe Audition, I passed it through a ‘compressor limiter’ filter. What this does is take the loud bits and makes them peak at 99% of max signal (before it starts to break up and distort) and then pulls all the quieter bits up too, so they are louder. This effectively compresses the dynamic range. It’s what they do to movies on planes (though that system is ‘on the fly’ and much more heavy handed). Next time you are on a flight you will hear this hideous AGC (Automatic Gain Control system) which makes it louder in the quieter bits, and very hissy… What I have done with ‘Gone Fishing’ I hope, is much more effective and does not compromise the soundtrack like an inflight movie would be.

If you click here, you can see a much bigger pic of the before and after wave forms. You will see the louder bits peaking and flattening off, and the quite bits now being pulled up and so now having bigger peaks. The effect is very pleasing to the ear when in a noisier room than a dedicated theatre.

It’s just imperative that when people see the movie, they can get the full experience straight away, no matter how limited the technology or noisy the environment.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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