The first Meeting With An Agent… More Questions now…

I had a great meeting today with Sara Putt and Kate Watson of Sara Putt Associates at Shepperton Film Studios, agents who could be repping me. Of course this process is kind of like dating, you try each other on for size, see if it’s a comfortable fit and if it feels right. The meeting was bisected by a screening on 35mm of Gone Fishing, where it looked and sounded truly amazing – thank you TO the Pinewood Group for generously facilitating this.

So much was covered in the meeting, but Sara put it so very elegantly and simply. She suggested I consider exactly what I want out of the next two to five years in my career, and ask, ‘what can I do without an agent?’ Then ask, ‘and what can I do WITH an agent?’ And the difference between the two is what an agent should offer, and then some too. Let that inform my choices, rather than just following industry myths.

She also explained the difference between an AGENT approach, with personal interaction but perhaps shorter reach (due to it being one or two people), and an AGENCY approach, with less personal interaction but with longer reach, and longer client lists (and I would be at the bottom very probably) – kind of the supermarket approach to agenting. Which would be right for me?

I am going to try and see some more agents in the coming weeks, it would be silly not too -  and I would  also welcome a more indepth and specific chat with Kate at the agency – I feel there are great opportunities ahead.

Changes are afoot!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. Ian August 21, 2008 at 9:39 am #

    I think I would be star struck just going to Shepperton Studios! All that history. Great post – thanks for sharing all of these things with us 🙂

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