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Arigold Since the awards, nominations and press around Gone Fishing, I have had some serious interest from agents, both here in the UK and in Los Angeles, which is incredibly exciting.

I don’t want to reveal who and what is on the table right now, this is of course a negotiation, but I thought I would recap some of the points that I have heard when chatting to other film makers who have representation… Here are a few comments I have picked up…

1. Agents can get you in the room, but YOU get the job. They are also good at getting the deal improved once you have the gig.

2. Agents can help in packaging a film, by putting the cast, script and director into a ‘package’ which can make it more attractive to backers, especially studios in Hollywood.

3. Agents like clients who are hot – where the phone rings FOR the aganet, effectively meaning they don't have to do anything except field offers. 
4. Some agents have a bad reputation… But, I have found individual clients who contradict that reputation, so you can’t really believe the gossip.

5. An agent / client relationship should operate like a partnership and include a mutual healthy respect. It’s even better if you like each other.

I have not made any choices yet, and I will keep you up to date with what happens.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. Mark Morris November 7, 2008 at 6:03 pm #

    My own personal view and maybe I’ve just not met the right people. I can see an agent might be a neccessity. But I wouldn’t want one if I could help it. The amount Ive tried to talk to regarding scripts I’ve written, may as well not bother. But once you have a certain amount of weight then they listen. Bit like a bank that gives you an umbrella when its sunny and takes it back when it rains. I guess more chance that someone already known will succeed without the hassle of assessing those unknowns.

    I always had a Hollywood style impression of an agent, who tries to help you with advice and support. For example I had a drama teacher who would come watch me at shows and in her own time. I thought an agent would be like this. After all your investing time and money in yourself so why wouldn’t they give you a chance? You’re offering them the chance to earn money. Surely that puts you in the drivers seat? Not so.. So much in entertainment is done for love.. I believe that agents should make good money and should be investing their time in seeking helping and promoting new unknown talent.

    Good for business good for those trying to get in and good for the industry.

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