Letter to Gone Fishing

Gf_2 I wanted to share an email I just received from someone who I have just recently got to know, but who I already count as a close friend…

Chris – Well done – again!  I just have to tell you that I was so extra pleased to hear this (Thunderclap Awards), because my 85 year old wonderful mother is apparently very ill, and we only found out a few days ago.  And as soon as I heard your lovely film had won, when I got back from taking her to the GP today, I was very overwhelmed and had a filling up moment – because the thought that she might only be going to do something lovely with her family who are already "there", makes me feel I will cope with whatever lies ahead.  That may sound over-sentimental, but it is also a great comfort in a sad time.  And most especially I am so pleased for you, because you and your wonderful story deserve to win.

I wonder if you really knew what you were doing when you wrote this film! Onwards and upwards, and lots of love too, Linda  xxx

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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