Gone Fishing at Christmas…

Snowballl V4 As everything starts to wind down, we become a little reflective at Christmas time. It’s true that the next few months, potentially, could be the most exciting yet for Gone Fishing, with the Oscar nominations being announced on Jan 22nd, the BAFTA nominations being announced on Jan 15th, and with it attending another festival in the US (which I can’t disclose just yet). But, I just wanted to really consider just how far we have come.

It was over a year and a half ago now that I asked for help, and so many of you responded. I just re-read the original request for support. It’s quite interesting.

 The shoot was an incredible experience, with so many highs and lows. As was post production where I made so many new friends.

Then we had the premiere last January, at BAFTA. You can watch the video here. At that point, no-one, not even myself, really know how the film would go down. Thankfully, it was well received that night. Truth be known, even I was astonished at how well it seemed to play at BAFTA. What an incredible evening.

CrewThen came Cannes, followed by an astonishing win at the Kodak Awards, and then the Rhode Island International Film Festival. What a rollercoaster that was. If you have 40 minutes, I really recommend you watch the whole ‘webisodes’ here as it’s nail biting stuff!

Then other festivals came and went, some we won, some we didn’t, and most recently was the Bahamas International Film Festival. Wow!

And all of this began with a tiny idea, with a decision to chase a dream to its most exciting possible crescendo…

I feel quite special this Christmas, knowing that so many people out there have bought a Gone Fishing DVD and might be watching it on Christmas day (and all around the world too). If you do that yourself, please, take a picture and email it to us with your families comments and views.

GF-PackDVDsm If you liked the movie and have a few online minutes to spare, please go to IMDB and vote for Gone Fishing, the higher the score we have, the more we start to pop onto people's radars, so it's very important. I previously posted instructions on the blog here…

And so the Gone Fishing journey continues in 2009, with new and exciting prospects now coming into focus. The next eight weeks could well be the most important weeks of my career so far. It’s daunting, dizzying and deliriously exciting!

So from team Living Spirit, to everyone who helped financially, to every cast and crew member who toiled tirelessly, to everyone who has helped spread the word about the movie, to everyone who has read the blog and kept it alive and kicking…

Thank you.

And have a very relaxing Christmas… Remember, it’s not going to last long before we are all back on the rollercoaster! Yehar!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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